The Common Area

In 2018, John Thompson, a member of BSA Troop 845 of Stafford, Virginia, and resident of Seven Lakes proposed making improvements to the community’s Common Area as his Eagle Scout Service Project. Scouts are required to plan, document and raise the funds to pay for their Eagle Project, as well as execute on that plan. So after figuring out what he wanted to do, what he needed, purchasing supplies and bringing them home, he enlisted fellow Scouts and his Scout Masters to assist.

They built four wooden benches, finished them in a lovely shade of red, then placed them around the Common Area with views of the pond and grounds. Rest and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature!

They cleaned, repaired and repainted the gazebo. And fixed up the benches under the gazebo. A shady place to take it easy.

They rebuilt the pier, measuring, cutting and installing new boards. They added a safety rail. Now we have an ideal place to drop a line and catch fish!

They designed and built two 8-foot long wooden benches, installing them next to the volleyball court. Now spectators have a place to sit and cheer as neighbors and family members vie to keep the ball airborne. When you get a chance, take a walk to or stop by our community Common Area and see for yourself how beautiful it is. The Scouts who worked on this Eagle Project want you to enjoy it.

Thank you! John Thompson is the son of Ian and Alice Thompson.